· Write an essay (3-5 pages) reflecting on how Information Systems can positively impact a change work processes in healthcare, and review some of the obstacles to implementation.

Case Study: HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence

Week 2

“Since 1994, the HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence has recognized outstanding achievement of organizations who have utilized health information technology to substantially improve patient outcomes while achieving return on investment. The Davies Awards program promotes EHR-enabled improvement in patient outcomes through sharing case studies and lessons learned on implementation strategies, workflow design, best practice adherence, and patient engagement.” (HIMSS Website:.himss.org/resourcelibrary/TopicLanding.aspx?MetaDataID=2798&ItemNumber=26687&navItemNumber=26817″>http://www.himss.org/resourcelibrary/TopicLanding.aspx?MetaDataID=2798&ItemNumber=26687&navItemNumber=26817 )

Your assignment this week is to review one of the case studies assigned to you (attached). Read through it and reflect on how the organization has met the intent of the award. You are to write a 3-5 page that includes your reflection and a summary of the case study, highlighting the main outcomes of the implementation. Include in your report the answer the following questions:

A. Give specific examples of some of the learning outcomes of the course that were reflected in this case study. For example, did the organization improve patient safety or provide criteria for evaluating information technology applications?

B. If you were the administrator for this organization, how would you build upon what you have done with this project and move your organization to the next level?

Process Map


Top of Form

Bottom of Form

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Directions for Process Map

· Write an essay (3-5 pages) reflecting on how Information Systems can positively impact a change work processes in healthcare, and review some of the obstacles to implementation.

· Research the topic of process mapping on the web and develop a process map that describes a clinical or administrative process that could be found in a healthcare organization. Map the process as it could occur before and after automation. You have considerable latitude in this assignment, so be creative.

· APA format including title page, introduction, body, conclusion, reference page.

Week 6

After reading the below Case Study, write a 3-5 page essay that answers the following two questions:

1. What steps are involved in evaluating which vendor to choose for this EMR upgrade?

2. Since your predicted total margin for next year shows a decrease of .5 %, would you still go ahead with the EMR upgrade?

Be sure to support your answers with appropriate citations and explanations. Use APA formatting for your essay. Your essay should contain at a minimum, a title page with running header, body, conclusion, and references. No abstract required for this assignment.

CASE STUDY: ABC Health Systems EMR

ABC Health Systems provides emergency and level I trauma services in a large metropolitan area with a population of 200,000. There are also two other level I trauma centers within 45 miles. The payer mix at ABC Health Systems is 60% government and 40% private payers. The total margin profitability for ABC Health Systems in fiscal year 2013 was 2.5%. In fiscal year 2014, total market is projected to be only 2% due to projected changes in payment from their major payer.As part of it’s enterprise strategic plan, ABC Health Systems is in the process of expanding its Emergency Department by adding an additional 20,000 square feet of space. This additional space will allow the Emergency Department to provide expanded emergency services. The current process for documenting the patient visit is a combination of electronic and paper records. This hybrid method is less than efficient and sometimes causes records to be unavailable which increases the chance of medical errors. The information systems strategic plan calls for the purchase of a new electronic medical record for the Emergency Department. The choice of vendors for this new electronic medical record system has been narrowed to two. One vendor is T-Systems and the other vendor is PICIS. Your current hospital health information system is McKesson. Both T-Systems and PICIS offer open technology, device connectivity, system interoperability, clinical expertise and data analysis tools. T-Systems is able to install, test, train, and go-live within 4-6 months of contract signing. PICIS is projecting a go-live date of 6-9 months.

Week 7

Write a 5 – 7 page summary paper for your learning outcomes in this course. Include in this paper at least the following items:

· Summary of Information Systems in healthcare, applying learning to real world examples

· Effect of Information Systems on healthcare future overall

· The value of the new knowledge that you have gained and how you will incorporate this new knowledge in your career

NOTE: This is due Day 5 of this weekWK 1 DQ 1

Every department has information technology requests either in the form of new hardware or software, upgrades, or training. Each requests is important to that department and most will say they cannot be effective in meeting customer/patient needs with out the resources. Assume that the reason to fund the request is not due to regulatory requirements.

How might a healthcare organization approach prioritizing its IS projects or needs? Some area to think about are funding, demand, SDLC, patient quality and safety, and emerging technologies. How would you justify your decision to the requesting department?

Answer the discussion question by day 3, and provide two substantial posts in response to your peers by the end of day 7.

WK 1 DQ 2

Chapter 5 discusses the various components of the EHR and some of the clinical decision support that the EHR can provide. Discuss with your peers the ways in which these components would be utilized differently in a hospital setting versus a physician’s office setting.

Answer the discussion question by day 3, and provide two substantial posts in response to your peers no later than day 7.

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